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Breadcrumbs: ActionScript 3.0

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Breadcrumbs: ActionScript 3 is a leap into the concepts of developing Rich Internet Applications. This book focuses on the concepts of development, and helps a new developer understand the constructs of the language. The structure of the book brings new developers through a lesson based journey demonstrating why things are the way they are and how to take these concepts and wield them when developing powerful Flash based applications. With a hands on take, Breadcrumbs: ActionScript 3 leads developers through the varied possibilities of Flash development in a new and entertaining way.

In this book we will cover:

  • ActionScript Syntax
  • Working with Symbols
  • Text Layout Framework
  • Listening and Handling Events
  • Control Structures
  • Regular Expressions
  • XML with E4X
  • Parsing RSS Feeds
  • Working with Sounds and Video
  • and Tweens and Motion Graphics
  • Manipulate Symbols with ActionScript

Learn to control MovieClips, Buttons, and TextFields using ActionScript. Manipulate properties of Symbols and add them to the stage dynamically. Listen to events and use them to draw or move assets using the keyboard and mouse.

Validate and Search with Regular Expressions

Explore the art of Regular Expressions and use them validate e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and street addresses.

Control XML and RSS Feeds with e4x

Read XML and RSS using ActionScript 3′s powerful XML parsing system, e4x. Learn to iterate through XML to display visual output or a quick list of headlines for your application.

Script Tweens or Motion

Explore Motion Graphics using scripted Tweens. Jump into the new 3D animation features added with Flash CS3. Build games using Drag and Drop.

and Much Much More

Best of all every lesson works together to help you reach your level. Walk through exercises that expand on one another to take you through the process of building games and form based applications.

  • Introduction
  • ActionScript 3 with Flash CS5
  • ActionScript Fundamentals
  • Creating and Using Symbols
  • Working with Text
  • Listening to User and System Events
  • Loops, Arrays and Conditional Logic
  • Math, Date, String, and Regular Expression Classes
  • Working with XML
  • Sound and Video
  • Animation, Motion and 3D
  • Using the ActionScript 3 LiveDocs

"I took my first class from Jason 8 years ago and have made sure that he taught every other Flash course I've taken since. His amazing ability to convey complex principles in an interesting and humorous way has helped me excel in Flash. This book combines everything I enjoyed about Jason's classes-straightforward instruction, in-depth examples, and a healthy dose of lighthearted banter."

Andy Steenberge
Interactive Lead

"As an authority on Flash and ActionScript, Jason has written a great publication for learning and reference. It is easy to follow and steps you through the language in a very logical, easy to read and understand way. Each chapter builds upon the skills you will gain as you work through the material. The core concepts of ActionScript are built into the exercises and learning points and it is perfect for the instructor-led classroom experience."

Russell Youngblood
Instructional Technologist
Adobe Certified Instructor
Certified Technical Trainer

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