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The Video Tag is a Major Fail

The Video Tag should have been our savior. After all it had such a great goal, to rid the world off the requiring any plugin, even my beloved Flash Player and allow all of us to watch video from the web with any standard compliant browser. Then things went horribly wrong. First the huge debate over Theora and H.264. We all know that every test has shown that H.264 is unquestionably the better quality video codec. The problem is the huge...

With Drupal and WordPress does free cost to much?

The Smart Ameba web site started simple enough. A basic WordPress site with a mound of modules. The problem is that the more we needed to customize the website and expand our offerings the more that WordPress foundation begin to buckle from the pressure. At first it was the woeful e-commerce options. Options that seemed to throw the default WordPress structure out the window as they built stints away from the core strengths of the blog and...

Should you play the HTML5 waiting game?

I’ll be the first to tell you. I’m a gadget geek. When the first, second, third, and fourth iPhone came out I stood in line. When Steve jobs announced the iPad I yanked my wallet from my pocket and sprinted to the apple store. This crazed, and by some measures impulsive, behavior has burned me many times. With my first MacBook AIR I found a device incapable of playing video be it from iTunes or a simple YouTube video clip. Even now I’m...

Working with Currency and Other Formatters in Flash CS5

Check out the latest tutorial on Flash Magazine by Smart Ameba author and trainer Jason Michael Perry. The article Breadcrumbs Formatting Money, Money, Money. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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